Artist Statement

I draw inspiration from the spaces we inhabit within our shared environment. Rather than referencing any one place, the visual seams and illuminated marks in my works point to patterns drawn from construction frames hidden beneath the walls of buildings and the various functions of rooms. I am fascinated by the idea of a portal that can be defined in architecture and science fiction as a passage way for the body from one space to the other. The marrying of this concept of a portal that can bend rules of time and space with its more mundane counterpart in architecture creates a space to consider the possibilities of things beyond our comprehension yet in relationship to what is in front of our eyes.

In my process of working, many multiples are produced without concern to finish the works so they remain within an archive of imagery as long as possible until they are teared apart, reassembled and worked back into. For my work process, the way the work is created is similar to the way a puzzle is solved. It is through a process oriented methodology that I can arrive at a very specific quality to the work. By solving these unpremeditated puzzles, I arrive at a form.

Dance has become an abiding interest of mine and it has had a major impact on how I think about my work and what I want it to do. In the last several years, I have been devoted to learning different forms of movement from yoga to modern dance that I feel are similar to the ways in which we produce works as visual artists. My series, Propositional Objects for a Future Interior, invites the body’s participation with soft sculptural paintings. I have also investigated this series through photographs that configure my body in relationship to these works as another method to animate the objects in a choreographed sequence.

I am driven by the desire to uncover new possibilities within the realm of painting and moments of transformation through the process of making as well as the audience’s engagement. My work is concerned with perception and how we take in color and form. It uses a language of gestures and a process of assembly to translate movement.