As a child, I often disappeared into the forest and still find the experience of wandering generative. Through an expansive painting practice that draws attention to shifts in our environment in a time of division and climate crisis, my work pulls inspiration from natural phenomena that speak to issues of growth, transformation, and embodied experiences such as the fluctuating conditions within storms, the flight murmurations of starlings, and the cohabitation of plant species.

With a process-oriented approach, I repurpose remnants from past pieces to form collaged configurations with geometric imagery and clashing, fluid elements. These works express time spent navigating and gathering sensorial and psychological impressions of the built and natural environments, bridging both worlds while signaling a place in flux seeking balance. With soft sculptural elements that bulge, branch, and pool out from the picture plane, they envelop the viewer with their vibrant color and physical presence.

As an adult with over a decade of legal work in real estate, I acknowledge that public space to roam is limited. As we reckon with the impacts of our frayed relationship with the planet, I remain committed to building my practice around continued learning, observation, and engagement within our natural world.